Boss Kite

“Skwee” is one of those little bitty “genres” that keep popping up nowadays. I hate to say genre, because a lot of them are more like trends than anything else, and I don’t exclude skweee from that group. Maybe it’s just a personal thing—I don’t like my music all cut up into a million little subgenres. But just because I see it as more of a trend than a genre does not mean that skweee isn’t music—just ask Boss Kite.

ScissorMix 8: Stretc...

Souleance, Bullion, Rare Earth, Games, Kelpe and more.

Sprung! May04


Walker throws up a mix with Midnight Lab Band, Jatoma, Captain Planet, Jason Forrest and more.

BJR: The Double Dip

AIM, Slow Hands, Lone, Wagon Christ, Com Truise and more.

ScissorMix 7: DJ Mar...

Tasteful, soulful Deep House mix from up-and-comer DJ Marmon.

Jatoma Feb18


BJR : Boom Shiva

Mount Kimbie, Space Dimension Controller, Shigeto, Colm K and more.

Scissorkast 10

The Best of 2010 including Walls, Emeralds, Yppah, Golda Panda and more.

ScissorMix 6: Tasty ...

Ebo Taylor, Bottin, Greenwood Rhythm Coalition and more.

Snoretex Nov17