Chico Mann

Dec 10th, 2007 Afrobeat, DJ Weapons, Electro steve 2 min read

First off, apologies for being MIA for a few weeks. But good things do come to those who wait and today’s post is a can’t miss if you, like us, love music that blurs the borders between genres. The brainchild of Antibalas’ guitarist, Marquitos Garcia, Chico Mann, is what I personally like to call “8-bit Afrobeat” and after seeing them live recently, I stand by…

Mike B: The Invisible Man

Nov 14th, 2007 Live Event steve 1 min read

Back in the early days of Scissorkick, we posted a short video showing the guitar/beatbox/singing exploits of our friend Mike B, The Invisible Man.

33hz with Devin the Dude and Teki Latex

Nov 9th, 2007 Dancepunk, Electro, New Disco steve 2 min read

I’ve been sitting on this particular post for a while. Keeping it for that perfect moment, sort of like when the Knicks play David Lee. Scissorkick needs a shot of energy, and who better to provide it than longtime favorites 33hz. We’ve been supporters of their indelible brand of late-era disco and electric funk way before Ray-Noor’s Cabin was replaced by Ayhan’s Shish-kebab, and it’s…


Nov 6th, 2007 Downtempo, Electronic/Dance, Rock steve 2 min read

So, as promised, you get your second “state” related posting, this time on a definitively more British note. I know that for a lot of you Stateless may not necessarily be something brand new. Truth is, I slept on this record for a while, not fully convinced of its merits — even though both Roots Manuva and DJ Shadow were singing its high praise. Shadow…


Nov 5th, 2007 Dancepunk, Indie, Rock steve 2 min read

This is the first of two posts of bands with the word “State” in their names. Other than that, they have very little in common. First off, is Washington D.C’s Statehood, the newest project from former-Dismemberment Plan rhythm section Joe Easley and Eric Axelson, Vehicle Birth’s Leigh Thompson and vocalist Clark Sabine. I don’t want to wax too poetic on the fact that DC holds…

Ben Benjamin

Oct 22nd, 2007 Electro, Electronic/Dance, IDM, Instrumental, Rock steve 2 min read

You may remember that a while back I was given a number of demo tracks from Ben Mullins, former member of Midwest Product and currently in PostPrior (both essential Ghostly International artists) to post. That was one of the more commented upon recent posts and I received quite a few emails begging me to get Ghostly to put the stuff out. So, I picked up…

SK Exclusive: See-I & Magic Fly

Oct 17th, 2007 DJ Weapons, Downtempo, Dub/Reggae, Remixes steve 3 min read

A Quick Rant I get a lot of emails about why I don’t post every day. Let me explain if I may. I try to be as discerning as I can about the things I post. Fact is, if it’s not something I think you all would like, then it doesn’t deserve the pixels. Like I’ve said before, music blogging is way out of control….

Sample Party: Breakwater vs. Daftpunk

Oct 12th, 2007 DJ Weapons, Electro, From the Crate, Soul steve 2 min read

Turns out that one of the few truly monstrous tracks from Daft Punk’s latest, Human After All, almost completely jacks the opening of “Release the Beast, ” a little known electro-funk stomper by 2-and-out late 70s jazz-funk outfit Breakwater. I felt compelled to post the original because although I knew that Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manual de Homem-Christ0 were big on sampling, I was surprised…

Grey Reverend

Oct 1st, 2007 Live Event steve 2 min read

Last Wednesday, at Webster Hall, The Cinematic Orchestra added to their reputation as consummate performers with another flawless set of new and old tunes, expertly executed and passionately played.


Sep 26th, 2007 Breakbeat, Electro, Electronic/Dance, IDM, Instrumental steve 2 min read

More familiar perhaps as the A/V wizards behind the Ninja Clan’s more memorable live performances, Robin Brunson and Stuart Warren-Hill return with their first full-length LP since 2004’s tragically underrated Master View. Even casual electronic music fans know that much has changed in those three years, witnessed by the emergence of entire genres and the refining of other fledgling ones. Rather than wade safely through…