Jun 19th, 2009 Hip-Hop, Indie steve 2 min read

Sometimes you just have to believe the hype. It feels like it’s been ages since a truly fresh perspective has come out of the underground hip-hop scene.

Flying Lotus + Lil’ Wayne

Jul 8th, 2008 DJ Weapons, Downtempo, Glitch, Hip-Hop steve 1 min read

Here’s a quick little nugget just sent out by the Warp camp from LA’s Flying Lotus, who will be dropping a series of EPs throughout August featuring new non-album tracks, very special collaborations, and remixes from some of your favorites. Here’s one of the first, featuring none other than the self-professed “greatest rapper alive” Lil’ Wayne. To be honest, Wayne’s surreal voice and one-of-a-kind flow…


Jun 16th, 2008 Breakbeat, Downtempo, Hip-Hop steve 2 min read

It gives me great pleasure to be back posting after a hectic month of work. Expect much more regular content moving forward, starting with today’s post from Los Angeles DJ/Producer Presto. His early 12″ instrumentals were a staple of my older downtempo and hip-hop sets, so it’s fantastic to be able to bring you word about his new full-length record, State of the Art, an…

Prefuse 73

Aug 31st, 2007 Breakbeat, Electronic/Dance, Glitch, Hip-Hop, IDM, Instrumental steve 1 min read

The prolific Guillermo Scott Heren, man of many pseudonyms, is back with yet another release under his most noteworthy guise, Prefuse 73. One of the forefathers of the glitch-hop sound — an abstract, mostly instrumental and regularly angular take on hip-hop’s standard 4/4 — Prefuse builds upon an already stellar body of solid experimentalism with Preparations, again released on Warp. Guests on the record include…

Marco Polo featuring Masta Ace

May 21st, 2007 Breakbeat, DJ Weapons, Downtempo, Hip-Hop steve 2 min read

Thanks to Bastard Jazz’s head-honcho DJ DRM for this inaugural 2007 Summer jam alert! You may already know about New York via Toronto producer Marco Polo, but for those not yet familiar — and fans of golden-era mid-90s hip-hop — do not miss out on the automatic BBQ bangers on his new LP for Rawkus, Port Authority. There’s little not to love about “Nostalgia” from…

Joe Beats

Apr 4th, 2007 Breakbeat, Downtempo, Hip-Hop steve 2 min read

Big apologies for not posting but the day job is getting the best of me right now. But good shit has been piling up and I have a large stack of some incredible music, first and foremost some new stuff from one of our favorites Joe Beats (aka Joey Beats), of Non-Prophets fame and currently associated with Cunninlynguists. Aaron was kind enough to remind me…

Thisish Volume 1

Mar 13th, 2007 Breakbeat, Downtempo, Hip-Hop, Instrumental steve 2 min read

I’ve read quite a lot about the Thisish crew before this post because I’m always curious how an often myopic hip-hop media approaches eclectic production. The truth is that for all his success, a celebrated producer such as Timbaland for example, who is often showered with deserving albeit hyperbolic compliments, isn’t really that forward-thinking or groundbreaking. In the context of mainstream music, there is little…

RZA: Chamber of Fear

Oct 24th, 2006 DJ Weapons, From the Crate, Hip-Hop steve 2 min read

Scissorkick digs in the crates for this gem of a hip-hop tune. Since LCD Soundsystem recently did a Nike-commisioned iPod workout mix (which is actually really good), I figured it may be time to go back to another sick Nike-comissioned record. My friend Matt has been pushing me to post this for years and finally it’s here, the full-length version of “Chamber of Fear” from…

Fat Jon & Styrofoam

Sep 29th, 2006 Downtempo, Hip-Hop steve 2 min read

Okay, because of my usual slacker ways, I’ve missed the window to recount my excellent Touch & Go adventures and need to get back to the new music because there is just too much good shit in the queue right now. Today’s post is at first an odd pairing. The Same Channel teams two unlikely foes in a fight against the impending demise of hip-hop…