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<br /> was born within the second wave of music blogs in the late 1990s and is guided by a soundtrack to one mode of contemporary living here in NYC. Its focus is on the misguided, schizophrenic, unpredictable stuff that finds its way into my hands. The music posted doesn’t result from following trends, nor does it ignore them simply as a rule. That’s just good ol’ ignorance. And while I believe there are no hard and fast rules that govern a personal love of music (some may disagree), I firmly believe that to know modern music, you should care about the artists who came before it. Make no mistake, I am aware that Scissorkick is just a blog. And a relatively simple one at that. But I take pride in searching the Hype Machine before posting to make sure I’m not just regurgitating what is already all over the web. If I can get away with posting music for free, the least I can do is dig deep to find some new, solid shit to offer you all as a reward for reading. About the only thing better than being floored by a new track, is remembering an old one that did the same thing way back when.