ScissorMix Vol. 12: Summer Electronic Mix

This ScissorMix hits on a ton of different electronic notes, but stays in that sweet 115 to 125 BPM range, keeping things moving along with a nice pace. As usually, melody is the star here, and there’s no lack of bigness with the likes of amazing tracks from DJ Koze, Osborne, Disclosure, Classixx, Bonobo, Baths and the like. A ton of usual SK people on this mix and a few things that may have eluded your radar thus far.

O N E S U N: It Gets...

A compilation of moody, ethereal, abstract but chilly beats and textures from Justin Kim, aka O N E S U N. Features Tycho, Active Child, Mount Kimbie, Pictureplane, Grimes, Nosaj Things, Mux Mool and much more.

Substantial Sessions...

Did this mix over the Summer for our amazing developers at Substantial and realized I never posted it here on Scissorkick. Sure, they are great developers, but what’s more impressive is the collective musical knowledge in their office. I wanted to dig deep with a mix of old and new. The...

Boss Kite

“Skwee” is one of those little bitty “genres” that keep popping up nowadays. I hate to say genre, because a lot of them are more like trends than anything else, and I don’t exclude skweee from that group. Maybe it’s just a personal thing—I don’t like my music all cut up into a million little subgenres. But just because I see it as more of a trend than a genre does not mean that skweee isn’t music—just ask Boss Kite.

Jatoma Feb18


Snoretex Nov17


Eleven Tigers Nov16

Eleven Tigers

Ilya Santana

John Roberts Oct14

John Roberts

Candy Claws


American Men

V: The Original TV M...



dEbruit – Hear...


“Dwrcan” opens with a modest, sad-elephant shuffle bass & break then takes a turn toward a nice half-time glitch groove.

Nosaj Thing

I’ve been corrupted. You know you’ve stumbled upon something great when you’re exhibiting obsessive behaviors like playing a song 10 times in a row because 2:55 just isn’t long enough