V: The Original TV Miniseries Theme (Bottin Cover)

Apr 19th, 2010 Cover, Electro, New Disco jz 3 min read

Free time has been scarce for me as of late and the amount of records I don’t have time to check out continues to grow. But there was one album that nagged the hell out of me because I knew it would be good and didn’t want to forget about it. It started with an email from Nang Records (sister label to Tirk) about From…

Roger O’Donnell

Oct 20th, 2008 New Disco steve 1 min read

This one come courtesy of Roger O’Donnell, former keyboardist for The Cure, The Psychedelic Furs, Thompson Twins and more.


Aug 20th, 2008 Krautrock, New Disco steve 2 min read

Today’s post is from California’s Samuel Milton Grawe aka Hatchback. But don’t let the literary name throw you off.

Panthers vs. Holy Ghost!

Aug 7th, 2008 New Disco, Remixes steve 2 min read

And right on the heels of their shit-hot single “Hold On,”it’s an absolute must if you are fan of the sound — think In Flagranti, Lindstrom, Shit Robot, Still Going, etc.


Mar 25th, 2008 DJ Weapons, House, New Disco, Techno steve 2 min read

The Future Sound of Oslo? A few years ago that idea may have required some creative editorial, but these days it’s impossible to deny the talent that keeps coming out of Norway. Smalltown Supersound, the label responsible for stateside releases from Jaga Jazzist, Bjorn Torske, Kim Hiorthoy and Lindstrom, may also be guilty of accelerating global warming by releasing another smoking hot LP from Joachim…

33hz with Devin the Dude and Teki Latex

Nov 9th, 2007 Dancepunk, Electro, New Disco steve 2 min read

I’ve been sitting on this particular post for a while. Keeping it for that perfect moment, sort of like when the Knicks play David Lee. Scissorkick needs a shot of energy, and who better to provide it than longtime favorites 33hz. We’ve been supporters of their indelible brand of late-era disco and electric funk way before Ray-Noor’s Cabin was replaced by Ayhan’s Shish-kebab, and it’s…


Nov 9th, 2006 Dancepunk, Electro, Electronic/Dance, New Disco steve 2 min read

Most of you uber-hipsters already know about French remix master Joakim The guy has single-handedly carved out his own niche in the punkfunk/electronica/IDM/electro realm. This isn’t one of those “breaking” posts or anything. Basically, to keep a long story short, a friend dropped today’s post while DJing at a party and it just blew my head wide open. Keep in mind that European electronic music…