Really nothing like the genuine sense of discovery. It’s one of the few things that never gets old and reminds me everyday why it’s fun to play around on the Intranets. For instance, I get a CD promo in the mail, Google the artist, find three other artists (all new to me) and uncover a scene I’ve previously been 100% in the dark about. That’s kismet, man. Straight up. Fucking love it.

Today’s post is from California’s Samuel Milton Grawe aka Hatchback. But don’t let the literary name throw you off. Hatchback, much like his boy Sorcerer (the duo also collaborate as the promising pair Windsurf, with a release on Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal imprint), plies the trade in what the one-sheet awkwardly coined “Californian Cosmic Krautrock Disco.” Truth is, it’s actually not a bad description all things considered. Think Vangelis/Moroder-informed disco with a particular bent on the Krautrock angularity and repetition of bands like Kraftwerk and Neu! But what I really love about the record — soon the be released on the resurgent Lo Recordings — is the strong sense of melody and the way Grawe builds each track to a fever pitch. I know the new disco thing is not a new notion by any means with Prins Thomas, Lindstrom, Wurst Edits, etc. all leading the charge. But this is the first recent output I can think of from Cali, and with that, an introduction of some warm-weather optimism into the fold. Remember, the summer’s not over. And if you want to keep it rolling solidly into Fall, pick this record up as soon as you can.

RIYL: Windsurf, Sorcerer, David Axelrod, Alex Moulton, Lindstrom, Metro Area, Joakim, Neu!, Kraftwerk, Eno,

US Release Date: 9/30/2008. Pre-order from Lo Recordings