Blog for Scissorkick Jul14

Blog for Scissorkick

We’re looking for people with truly open minds here. If you’ve followed the blog you know the consistent thread hasn’t been genre — we hop around from beats to metal to indie to electronic without blinking — but more the tone of the posts.

Jawbox First (and on...

Had the amazing opportunity last night to attend the very brief reunion of one of my favorite all-time bands, Jawbox.

The Magic Fly

Five quick questions for Bastar Jazz artist The Magic Fly.

The Herbaliser

Five quick questions form Ninja Tune originals The Herbaliser.

Dark Party

Five quick questions for Eliot Lipp and Leo 123 aka Dark Party.

New DJ Mixes Page

Three old mixes from Steve (aka DJ Sema4) going all the way back to 1999 including the excellent Wildlife mix done with Jamie Roberts and Dave Langolf. Totally timeless. Tracks are still amazing 12 years later.

BJR: Tune In!

Speaking of new things, the boys in the Bastard Jazz Soundsystem — myself (DJ Sema4), DJ DRM and Paul Diggs — have recently launched a new radio show on, one of the best online radio stations in this, or any other borough across the globe.

Scissorkick Page on Facebook Nov18

Scissorkick Page on ...

I know I’m shamefully late to the Web 2.0 party (especially considering what i do for a living) but you can now follow Scissorkick on Facebook. I will be updating the page there with news of new podcasts, special posts and  events.

ScissorSounds 3

Warp recording artist and techno/electro wunderkind Jimmy Edgar will headline the night with support from recent BK transplant Eliot Lipp and Boston’s Matters & Dunaway, who will be playing the party for the third straight year. Maniacs!

DJing at Rock the Be...

Our friend Doug, aka DJ Shakeyface, is doing his monthly Rock the Beat party this Friday.

scissorkick on Detour Jan08

scissorkick on Detou...

Interview with Steve from Detour Mag in 2008.

Mike B: The Invisibl...

Back in the early days of Scissorkick, we posted a short video showing the guitar/beatbox/singing exploits of our friend Mike B, The Invisible Man.

Grey Reverend

Last Wednesday, at Webster Hall, The Cinematic Orchestra added to their reputation as consummate performers with another flawless set of new and old tunes, expertly executed and passionately played.

Scissorsounds 2

I am thrilled to announce the second installment of what I hope continues an annual celebration of 21st century music: Scissorsound. Last year, we packed our favorite Brooklyn spot, Studio BPM, as Kudu, 33Hz and Matters & Dunaway absolutely killed it on stage

SK London Headz: It&...

For music lovers, we often can pinpoint a particular person or moment that set off the chain of events leading to obsession. One such point in my life was a semester overseas in ’96 to London, where I met some equally insane maniacs who also loved weed, beer and music as much as I.

Digging Deeper Tonig...

The same spot, the same ugly faces behind the deck, and the same eclectic mix of old, new and unreleased tunes.

Touch and Go

Alright, so it’s taken a while to get back to reality, and although I said I’d post about the Touch & Go 25th Anniversary all week, I think I will condense it to 3 days, since the event itself was held over 3 unforgettable days.

SK Reports: Touch &#...

I am currently still in Chicago until Wednesday and am probably too giddy over what transpired over the last 3 days to objectively report on The Touch & Go Records 25th Anniversary Party that just went down.