5 Fast Questions for The Magic Fly

Being a fan of The Magic Fly’s insane take on dub and downtempo, I just knew his Roll Call answers would be similarly tweaked, fun, unpredictable and generally out of control. I mean, the guy got his name from the esoteric outre French rock band Space. Rob didn’t disappoint, setting the bar to new heights for the quick 5-question format, basically doing what I hope all artists do — have fun with the questions and not take it all too seriously. If you like Rob’s responses, you will LOVE his music, so get a taste below then track down all his releases, especially his recent stuff on Bastard Jazz.

Create the ideal scenario for listeners to get the most out of your music.

1. Get naked apart from a floral swimming hat, bone conducting headphones and personal music player.
2. Drink four pints of strong lager and have a little smoke.
3. Press play.
4. Dive into the nearest available water and swim like you’re a torpedo.

You are a professional wrestler or boxer. What’s your ring entrance song?

‘Rocket Man’ by In Flames,  it’s the Elton John song but done inna early 70’s Pama reggae stylee. (PM-842)

Suppose you have unlimited resources and access to all of your musical needs. What’s your next project gonna be?

The Magic Fly Bone Conduction Band presents ‘Lick Weird Reggae’.

Recorded in my studio and on location at Arundel Lido, West Sussex, England and mixed especially for underwater listening at some posh studio that knows how to do that.

The band would include Sly and Robbie as the core rhythm section, Ernest Ranglin and Tuck Andreas on guitars,  Kraftwerk on electronic percussion and Jah Shaka on the Dub Siren. Bernard Sumner can handle Vocoder and melodica duties, The Congos and I-Threes would combine for backing Vocals with Stevie Wonder providing harmonica, talkbox and lead vocals (once we’ve erased his musical memory from the last 35 years).

Other  featured vocalists are Lee Scratch Perry, Linton Kwesi Johnson, David Icke, Morrissey and U-Roy. Even if we didn’t get any music done we could just swim in the outdoor pool, eat  Mr Whippy Ice Creams and look up at the majestic sight of Arundel Castle. I’m sure it would be a lovely day out for everyone. We’ll also need a big red bus to get us to Arundel each day as TMFBCB appears to be too big for cars and MPV’s.

Rider (Per Day):

22 packed lunches (1 vegetarian)
22 beach towels ( 4 Matching Red or Black)
3   Female Swimming Costumes.
19 Mens Swimming Trunks 4 of which  must be matching Speedo’s or Mankini’s (in Red or Black).

I’m aware that albums these days need some sort of physical product. So, as well as a digital download and heavyweight gatefold double vinyl,  ‘Lick Weird Reggae’ could  be released as a swimming hat or perhaps as an anti-chlorine shampoo.

You’re curating a stage at a big festival with 5 current artists. Who’s playing?

Deadmau5, Gorillaz, Roots Manuva, Kraftwerk and David Icke headlining with an 8 hour talk.

The Free Question. Tell us something you really want us to know.

What David Icke is saying at the moment is making far more sense to me than any politician, world leader or religion.