5 Fast Questions for The Herbaliser

Scissorkick is honored to have the second ever Roll Call answered by none other than Ollie Teeba, one half of the long-time Ninja Tune group The Herbaliser. If there are any film people reading, do us all a favor and get a producer to get Ollie some dough so he can fulfill his dream of making a film and live scoring it. The world will be much better off for it. And be sure to look out for their newest release — Session 2 — out now on Ninja Tune.

Create the ideal scenario for listeners to get the most out of your music.

In a private jet flying across the Pacific Ocean with a psychedelic party going on:  beanbag chairs, a sack of herb, and sexy people abound.

You are a professional wrestler or boxer. What’s your ring entrance song?

Something by Lalo Schifrin, maybe Dirty Harry, or Bullitt, or Enter The Dragon.  Let’s say the opening theme to Dirty Harry.

Suppose you have unlimited resources and access to all of your musical needs. What’s your next project gonna be?

If we had completely unlimited resources, we’d make a movie to go with the record, and perform the soundtrack live in concert with a full orchestra.   The movie would be written and directed by Quentin Tarantino and star Harvy Keitel, Christopher Walken & Idris Elba, and of course there would be animated manga sequences.    We’d also incorporate vocals from Redman, Black Thought, Jean Grae, MF Doom, De La Soul, Q-Tip & Pharaoh Monch into the score, and the seats would vibrate along with the explosive elements

You’re curating a stage at a big festival with 5 current artists. Who’s playing?

Well, aside from the artists mentioned above, I’d have Lalo Schifrin & David Axelrod w/ orchestras, as well as Jill Scott & Erykah Badu performing live.

The Free Question. Tell us something you really want us to know.

We have a brand new CD out, Session 2, which is the reason we’re speaking right now.  I’d also want people to know about Soundsci, which is group I’m working with featuring Johnny Cuba (formerly of Dynamic Syncopation) & Tone (formerly of Mass Influence).  In addition, I’m working on my solo album, and actively looking for parts in movies.