The Foreign Exchange

Today’s post, “Something to Behold” is a perfect example of what these two do best. Enjoy. Highly recommended.

Midnight Lab Band

“How could I not know about this shit, when it’s being done right here in my backyard?” My guess is that the secret bunker lab that these guys work their sonic experiments in is somehow off the grid.

Max Tundra Sep12

Max Tundra

Few, if any, current producer/musicians out there manage to be as dense and melodically satisfying as Max Tundra, unapologetically birthing electronic pop so saccharine that it reminds of you of your mom’s favorite 90s tracks from Lisa Stansfield and Desiree.

Menehan Street Band

Look no further than today’s post, a truly awesome cover of Bill Conti’s classic “Going the Distance” from… well, after one listen, you should know. And if not, follow it up with James Brown’s “Living in America.”

Blktop Project

Sample Party: Breakw...

The Dragons

The Cinematic Orches...

DJ Reset

Tommy Guerrero

Zero 7 w/ Jose Gonza...