Back to school people. Sure, I haven’t had first day jitters in a long time, but I’m getting my Bugle Boys ready to impress nonetheless. Should I match with an OP or a Hobie t-shirt? Decisions, decisions. That’s how “Which Song,” the brand new Max Tundra single — from his forthcoming Domino LP, Parallel Errors Behead You — will get you feeling. So optimistic you can finally take out that loan and start the custom doily company you’ve always dreamed of. I really think his Mastered By Guy At The Exchange was a phenomenally under appreciated LP, especially the infectious “Lysine” which sets the tone for “Which Song.” And to be honest, had some doubt that he’d ever be able to top what is an all-time favorite quirky, electronic pop gem. Sort of like if They Might Be Giants were actually good.

Few, if any, current producer/musicians out there manage to be as dense and melodically satisfying as Max Tundra, unapologetically birthing electronic pop so saccharine that it reminds of you of your mom’s favorite 90s tracks from Lisa Stansfield and Desiree. If your mom was a robot. And no, I’m not kidding. Epic happy.

RIYL: Capitol K, Minotaur Shock, Dominique Leone, Her Space Holiday, Caribou, The Chap

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Download “Which Song” (via Pitchfork)
[from Parallax Error Beheads You; due 10/13/08 in the UK and 11/18/08 in the U.S. on Domino]