It’s been about six years or so since the last Fridge LP and during that time each member of the UK trio has done nicely for himself. Kieren Hebden’s Four Tet project has garnered the most attention but don’t overlook the pastoral elegance of Adem Ilhan’s releases as Adem. And while third member Sam Jeffers may not have any solo work to reference, he’s formed his own design company, Worklesshard in the meantime.

Although Fridge hasn’t ever officially called it quits, I think some time ago I resigned to think that they had, instead thinking of Happiness as a fitting soundtrack to the break-up. But on their newest record The Sun, the reunited trio make a recovery, calming picking up where they left off. The studio is their uncredited fourth member, and like their previous releases like Semaphore, Eph or Ceefax, they approach post-rock convention with a producer’s perspective. Today’s post “Clocks” perfectly summarized what this record is all about. It’s beguiling and reflective, requiring patience before the payoff. It’s hard to tell if Hebden’s experimental bent is pacified by Jeffers and Ilhan but it’s fair to say that his fingerprints are all over The Sun. Like all of the Fridge records, there are throwaway tracks, but the keepers are just that. Replay at will.

Europeans get the single CD/2xLP release on May 15th on Domino while those in North America have to wait until June 19th for the Temporary Residence release.

RIYL: Four Tet, Adem, Couch, Kreidler, The Lymbyc Systym, Tiki Obmar