Scissorkast 11: Sugarwater

Jul 31st, 2012 Scissorkast steve 1 min read

Lucky for you, the first Scissorkast in too long is an all-music/no-talking affair. (I need an XLR adapter for my microphone). 100% new music, much of it unreleased, hitting the usual mix of instrumental electronic, emotive headphone post-rock, experimental dancefloor stuff and the like. Joyously looping, meticulously crafted sounds. Stuff from the US, UK, and Japan this time with a heavy emphasis on melody.

American Men

Jul 8th, 2010 IDM, Post-Rock steve 1 min read

Jeff sent this EP over and said he was “90% sure” I’d be into it. Fuck, I must be hard to please or something because this is so squarely in my wheel house I can’t imagine why he thought 10% of me wouldn’t be feeling this. American Men are a group of Scotsmen doing instrumental, futurist rock their own way (god I’m watching too much…


Jun 12th, 2007 Instrumental, Rock steve 1 min read

Been a while. I know. Work has been all-consuming for nearly a month but now, finally with a chance to exhale, I can turn to the accumulating stacks and chose from a number of new gems to post for you. So why not start the return to posting off on the right foot, with a new track from the newest album from Athens, Georgia’s Maserati….


Apr 17th, 2007 Electronic/Dance, IDM, Instrumental, Rock steve 2 min read

It’s been about six years or so since the last Fridge LP and during that time each member of the UK trio has done nicely for himself. Kieren Hebden’s Four Tet project has garnered the most attention but don’t overlook the pastoral elegance of Adem Ilhan’s releases as Adem. And while third member Sam Jeffers may not have any solo work to reference, he’s formed…


Mar 16th, 2007 Instrumental, Rock steve 1 min read

Metal is currently waist deep in a really exciting transformative stage. Just look at all the former metalheads returning back to the genre with renewed excitement. Think about it — Mastadon, Jesu, Isis, Red Sparowes, Pelican, Converge etc. — all amazing bands twisting expectations about what metal is and should be. Personally, I like how these bands mesh a sort of mathy, indie melancholy with…


Mar 9th, 2007 Instrumental, Rock steve 1 min read

Experimentation in music, as in all things, inherently comes with miscalculated risk. A fact of life for adventurous musicians, there’s no shortage of legendary performers who may have misstepped before taking their great leap forward. With a trio of engaging EPs and a storied collective history in bands like Don Caballero, Lynx and Helmet, the four members of Battles know a thing or two about…

Small Sails

Feb 27th, 2007 Instrumental, Rock steve 1 min read

Labels use a variety of tactics to get a writer to notice a record. One of the most effective techniques — especially to the freelancer with a day job and limited time — is the old RIYL package sticker. It’s a quick reference that allows me, within a glance, to determine if I’m about to listen to speed metal, drum n’ bass, or indie rock….

The Lymbyc Systym

Jan 19th, 2007 Electronic/Dance, IDM, Rock steve 1 min read

Tempe, Arizona’s sibling duo The Lymbyc Systym represent another of the newer Mush Records signings (Bibio is another example) to incorporate both mood and ambiance with a combination of electronic and more conventional means. Like former touring mates The Album Leaf, brothers Jared and Michael Bell use a smart combination of vintage keyboards, analog effects and laptop programming to weave tracks both cinematic and narrative,…