Tempe, Arizona’s sibling duo The Lymbyc Systym represent another of the newer Mush Records signings (Bibio is another example) to incorporate both mood and ambiance with a combination of electronic and more conventional means. Like former touring mates The Album Leaf, brothers Jared and Michael Bell use a smart combination of vintage keyboards, analog effects and laptop programming to weave tracks both cinematic and narrative, i.e. this is music that can stand alone or provide a quality backdrop. Again, it has an inherent road-trip sensibility and perhaps takes itself just a bit too seriously, but isn’t that what we expect from quality electronic post-rock anyway? That is, truth be told, why we endure 12-minute Tortoise and Mogwai epics after all. If you are a fan of the bands below, you will absolutely feel Love Your Abuser. In some ways, The Lymbyc Systym seem to mark the beginning of something very special, perhaps, even historic. Because this is a record firmly rooted in the music of the mid 90s, and early 21st century, in sounds that were, for the period, way ahead of their time and sounds that now fit the scene with near-perfection. The music of now.

The Album Leaf, Tortoise, Four Tet, Fridge, Couch, Mice Parade, Benevento/Russo Duo