Scissorkast 11

Lucky for you, the first Scissorkast in too long is an all-music/no-talking affair. (I need an XLR adapter for my microphone). 100% new music, much of it unreleased, hitting the usual mix of instrumental electronic, emotive headphone post-rock, experimental dancefloor stuff and the like. Joyously looping, meticulously crafted sounds. Stuff from the US, UK, and Japan this time with a heavy emphasis on melody.

Scissorkast 10

The Best of 2010 including Walls, Emeralds, Yppah, Golda Panda and more.

Scissorkast 9

Sam Prekop, Dustin Wong, Solar Bears  and more.

Scissorkast 8

Broken Social Scene, Javelin, Take and more.

Scissorkast 7

Maserati, The XX, Russian Circles, Clark and more.

Scissorkast 6

Pronto, Michna, Grizzly Bear and more.

Scissorkast 5

Bibio, Cougar, Nosaj Thing and more.

Scissorkast 4

Special mix to welcome baby Nicolas into the musical world.

Scissorkast 3

Osborne, Pelican City, Kelpe, DiskJokke and more.

Scissorkast 2

LCD Soundsystem, Tunng, Plaid, Trans Am and more.

Scissorkast 1

Outputmessage, TTC, Amon Tobin, Joakim and more.