I seriously doubted if I would ever get around to a second ScissorKast but here it is. The response was so positive and the recording experience much more simple than expected that I just had to do it. This mix, like the inaugural one, touches on electronic and rock, with some acoustic and instrumentals thrown in. Again, the inspiration was your daily commute or perhaps a road-trip. Either way, I hope you enjoy. Feedback always welcome.

ScissorKast #2 Playlist: February 7, 2007

LCD Soundsystem “Someone Great” Sound of Silver (DFA/Capitol)

Tunng “Jenny Again” Comments of the Inner Chorus (Full Time Hobby)

Aim “It’s Later than You Think” Flight 602 (ATIC)

Plaid “Ralome” Rest Proof Clockwork (Warp)

Cougar “Interracial Dating” Law (Layered Music)

Trans Am “4,738 Regrets” Sex Change (Thrill Jockey)

The Fucking Champs “Spring Break” VI (Drag City)

The Lymbyc Systym “Bird” Love Your Abuser (Mush)

Cassettes Won’t Listen “Gigga” The Quiet Trial (Dope Lotus)

Matters & Dunaway “Memorial” Hightech (Self-Released)

“Titbar” Touched Pilot EP (Ghostly International)