It’s been a while since I’ve done a scissorkast but there’s no time like the present, so here you go. This installment features brand new tracks from yet-to-be-released records from Bibio, Telefon Tel Aviv, Eliot Lipp and more. You may sense a more emotional thread than usual, undoubtedly the result of the recent birth of my first child Nicolas. He was hanging with me as I put the playlist together and as a result you get some pretty intense bursts of rock and electronic power. Just the way we like it.

This podcast is not sponsored by any alcohol company, so I suggest you try NOT to enjoy responsibly and get deep on a bottle of vino or some tasty greenery and let it pummel you. Thanks for listening and please spread the word, comment and let us know what you think. Also please make sure to check out another internet radio show I am proud to be part of here.

ScissorKast #4 :: Playlist :: December 3, 2008

Bibio :: “The Ephemeral Bluebell” :: Vignetting the Compost (Mush)

Telefon Tel Aviv :: “The Birds” :: Immolate Yourself (Bpitch Control)

Pilote :: “Streams” (Johnny Dog Remix) :: Manana 2 EP 12″ (Certificate 18)

The Sea & Cake :: “Weekend” :: Car Alarm (Thrill Jockey)

The Foreign Exchange :: “House of Cards” :: Leave It All Behind (Hall of Justus)

Max Tundra :: “Until We Die” :: Paralax Error Beheads You (Domino)

Eliot Lipp :: “Yeah” :: Peace Love Weed 3D (Old Tacoma)

Chandeliers :: “Mr. Electric” :: The Thrush (Pickled Egg)

ยตziq :: “Hasty Boom Alert” :: Lunatic Harness (Astralwerks)

Mogwai :: “Danphe and the Brain” :: The Hawk is Howling (Matador)

ROM :: “Jumpic” (Secret Frequency Crew Remix) :: Into the Clouds 12” (Counterflow)

Sigur Ros :: “Saeglopur” :: Takk (Geffen)