Apologies on not posting for a while. Been busy with the birth of my newborn son Nicolas. Crazy late nights, unpredictable days, but it’s all amazing and he’s already been exposed to more good music than most adults I know. It’ll probably work out that he shuns all of his “dad’s music” like most kids, but at least he’ll have a foundation.

Speaking of new things, the boys in the Bastard Jazz Soundsystem — myself (DJ Sema4), DJ DRM and Paul Diggs — have recently launched a new radio show on BrooklynRadio.net, one of the best online radio stations in this, or any other borough across the globe. It’s truly an honor for Bastard Jazz Radio — named after DJ DRM’s eclectic and unparalleled Brooklyn imprint featuring artists like Jugoe, Jahtari, Normaa, Magic Fly and many more — to share the netwaves with venerable DJ teams and individuals like The Rub (DJ Ayres, DJ Eleven, Cosmo Baker), Trustus League (Oneman, E’s E, Monk-One), U-Tern, Bruce Tantum, Emskee, Tim “Love” Lee and a host of other NYC legends.

We managed to get a number of shows in the bag before the baby came, and plan on recording a bunch more in the months to come, so if you are a fan of Scissorkick, check out Bastard Jazz Radio on BrooklynRadio.net. You will not be disappointed!