We’re looking for people with truly open minds here. If you’ve followed the blog you know the consistent thread hasn’t been genre — we hop around from beats to metal to indie to electronic without blinking — but more the tone of the posts. We focus on instrumental music (not exclusively) that often fits nicely on “road trip” playlists or works for the headphone space. That doesn’t preclude dance music or rockers. Just go back through the archives and listen to a handful of posts. The Scissorkasts or Jeff’s ScissorMix series are the perfect place to start.

Why you may want to blog at SK:
* you share our musical likes and loves and think you can do even better.
* you often feel schizophrenic for loving acoustic folk guitar, prog-metal, emotive indie and atmospheric electronic music.
* you want  a million promotional emails from PR people telling you how awesome their new band or DJ is.
* you want to get free music, occassional access to shows, and pad your online writing resume by contributing to a long running, and well respected music blog.

Some cool things about Scissorkick:

* is one of among the original wave of MP3 blogs originating in late 2000.
* is often read by the artists we cover (emails and comments confirm)
* is committed to posting tracks and artists certifiably underrepresented in the blogosphere through its dependence on “the Hype Machine test.”
* couldn’t care less about starting, participating or bucking trends.
* hates the term “blog,” “blogging,” and “blogger” but recognizes that that’s who we are and what this is.
* only exists because we love music and want to share it with you.

If you are interested, hit me up via email (steve@scissorkick.com) or on twitter (stevemarchese). I may ask you to do something silly like tell me your most awesome musical memory, or list your 5 favorite records or something. Not as a prerequisite for blogging. Just because I’m curious like that.