Been a while. I know. Work has been all-consuming for nearly a month but now, finally with a chance to exhale, I can turn to the accumulating stacks and chose from a number of new gems to post for you. So why not start the return to posting off on the right foot, with a new track from the newest album from Athens, Georgia’s Maserati. After moving from labels and replacing their drummer (Gerhardt Fuchs of !!!, Turing Machine, LCD Soundsystem, The Juan Maclean), the instrumental quartet is back with a clearly evolved sound and a perfectly fitting imprint to release it on — Temporary Residence, home of Explosions in the Sky, Fridge, Howard Hello, etc. Inventions for the New Season has a noticeably different feel than past Maserati releases, eschewing the dynamic touch-and-go for a more streamlined, cinematic and ominous “chase scene” sound. Seriously, it is the sound of getting chased through your own neighborhood by dudes ready to pounce. But there’s optimism here: It’s your hood, you know the shortcuts and safety is imminent. Needless to say, it’ll get the blood pumping. Movie theater music with a home stereo intimacy, Maserati have returned and are ready to tear shit apart; sometimes with a gentle touch, others with a battle axe to the chest.

Turing Machine, Tristeza, The Mercury Program, Volta Do Mar, Hoover

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