Michigan-based ensemble Nomo are back with their newest, Ghost Rock, just in time for the summer heatwaves that will undoubtedly settle upon us. I know I have today’s post categorized under “afrobeat” but the truth is that Nomo’s sound is much broader, fusing krautrock’s repetition, the deepness of funk, the borderless perspective of world music, the virtuosity of jazz and the sonic palettes of modern electronica. The excellently-titled Ghost Rock is enrichened by incredibly deep grooves that shun the superficiality of wonky self-indulgence (think typical jam band style) and pay homage to entire histories of cultural and historical musical movements. Early press releases boast that the band believe themselves to be in a new place, evolving from the successful, more straightforward Afrobeat of their first LP New Tones to something new and less quantifiable. Truth is, in addition to releasing one hell of a record, the band has a refreshingly confident and accurate assessment of what they do. And they do it well.


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