blktop project

“How did I not know about this group?!” It’s one of the most satisfying questions music fans can ask themselves. You work hard to follow an artist, group, or label, constantly staying on top of releases yet still an entire project can exist under your astute radar. Such is the Blktop Project for SK, a veritable personal supergroup of some of my favorite artists working together on a relaxed, groove-driven project featuring former pro-skateboarders Tommy Guerrero, Ray Barbee, Matt Rodriguez, Chuck Treece and uber-drummer Doug Scharin (HiM, Rex, June of 44, Codeine, etc.). If you’re familiar with any of the music produced recently by any of these guys, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to get deep into the details. For us fast-paced, stressed-out, scowling New Yorkers, the Blktop Project’s music is simply California. And while I wouldn’t trade Yankee Stadium, Coney Island, Lioni Subs and the Brooklyn Bridge for anything, listening to these guys jam makes me imagine the kind of person I would have been with access to year-round skateparks, beach parties, amazing Mexican food and quality surf.

Their 2007 self-titled release can be found online at digital retailers or at Galaxia Records, but their newest release Lane Change is only availbe in Japan, although according to an email I recently got from Galaxia, they are working on getting the record distributed here in the US. Who knows if that will happen however, because it seems like this project is more beloved (and known) by the frenzied Japanese than by us here stateside. So, get on it people. We need the mellowness.


directly from Galaxia Records

Obscure Japanese-produced video for “Pedro’s Fever”