Red Snapper

Aug 8th, 2008 Acid Jazz, Instrumental steve 2 min read

So imagine my surprise — thinking Red Snapper had gone the way of so many bands before them — when a brand new record shows up in my mailbox from Red Snapper. The original Red Snapper.

Blktop Project

Jun 28th, 2008 Downtempo, Instrumental, Jazz, Soul steve 2 min read

“How did I not know about this group?!” It’s one of the most satisfying questions music fans can ask themselves. You work hard to follow an artist, ailment group, or label, constantly staying on top of releases yet still an entire project can exist under your astute radar. Such is the Blktop Project for SK, a veritable personal supergroup of some of my favorite artists…

Tommy Guerrero

Aug 25th, 2006 Downtempo, Soul steve 2 min read

Someone once asked me what constituted a “summer jam” and my answer was simple: If you think Sinbad would be into it at Reggae Sunsplash. But since then, viagra I think I’ve refined my definition of a quality June-to-September burner…with a little help from Tommy Guerrero. As a life-long New Yorker, pharm I’ve never really longed to be a West Coast beach dude, sovaldi sale…