Someone once asked me what constituted a “summer jam” and my answer was simple: If you think Sinbad would be into it at Reggae Sunsplash. But since then, I’ve never really longed to be a West Coast beach dude, but the former Bones Brigader and California-based guitarist makes the kind of optimistic, unpretensious and sun-baked soul that can lead to relocation. I mean, the Dodgers moved to LA from Brooklyn. Why can’t SK? His newest record, From the Soil to the Soul will be released on DJ Shadow’s Quannum imprint in late October, but you can get an advanced taste here. For us East Coast heads, it may be the perfect album to extend the Summer a few more months.

“Just Ain’t Me,” is a short, relatively simple track that milks a pretty sampled string loop and guitar line over a catchy, repeated bassline and vocal chorus. Although the track is pretty straightforward in construction, there is just something so Guerrero about it. Perhaps it’s the apologetic yet steadfast tone of the lyrics. Maybe it’s the shuffling uptempo style — introducing a heavier Tommy Guerreo sound that dots the new record — that says fuck you to expectation. Either way, Tommy Guerrero records represent the best of downtempo music. They are imperfect, soulful, heartfelt and above all else, the product of the honest musician.

RIYL: Latin Playboys, Bonobo, Santana, Bill Withers, Ray Barbee, Money Mark, Frederico Aubele