This isn’t a new track or something entirely all that rare, but after my iTunes shuffler recently landed on this excellent re-edit/mash-up by NYC’s DJ Reset I felt compelled to post it. Although you may be familiar with other more infamous mash-up artists (Go Home Productions, Ape Blends, Holletronix) DJ Reset is a force that should be mentioned in the same breath. His taste and musical knowledge are proven commodities here in NYC and he is also a fantastic DJ who has the uncanny ability to rock a corporate affair as if it were a backyard throwdown. Not an easy thing to do as many DJs will attest. This blend of Prince’s classic “1999” and “With a Little Luck” from Paul McCartney and Wings truly becomes its own song, like a pop chart-topper in some bizzaro, pastel-colored parallel universe.
It’s something that many mash-ups aim to do — gain independence from their components — but most often end up missing the mark. A nice mellow Fall tune to accompany our first day below the 50-degree mark. And when the keys from the chorus drop, perhaps you too will get the chills.

RIYL: Go Home Productions, Ape Blends, Hollertronics, The Rub, Hai Karate, Rebtuz

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