Human Bell

Introspective track today I guess. Just heard word that our friends Adam and Amy had a baby a few days ago and my old friends Pete and Tracy should be bringing their first into the world any minute now. All this new life, these literal positive changes in the fortunes of parents and their children seems well-suited for Human Bell’s “A Change in Fortunes.” What opens ominously with dirge-like, guitar-driven Americana slowly morphs into lovely, unhurried minor-chord optimism. The music of Nathan Bell and Dave Heumann seems to defy easy categorization — a combo of native folk, post-rock, Appalachian and blues — but what seems apparent here is a tangible songwriting synergy, a genuine ease between players that translates through your headphones. I guess I’m just sentimental with all these babies being born around me. It’s pretty awesome.

Thrill Jockey: