Stumbled across these guys after recently watching the fantastic documentary Helvetica. You’d expect a full length feature about a font to drag, but the combination of compelling interviews and beautiful photography with a standout soundtrack made it one of my favorite documentaries of the year. Kristian Dunn, of Los Angeles-based instrumental duo El Ten Eleven (and also a member of SoftLightes) is responsible for putting together the soundtrack which features familiar names like Battles, Caribou, Kim Hiorthøy, Sam Prekop, Four Tet and The Album Leaf. The real surprise however are the nine offerings from El Ten Eleven, which accompanied some beautiful montages of logos and city signage utilizing the ubiquitous Helvetica font. Really lovely imagery supported by melodic, optimistic instrumentals, that reminded me of a host of different groove-oriented instrumental post-rock outfits, none of which I could really put my finger on. But it definitely got me excited enough to seek out the anonymous band in question.

Tristeza, Diagnoah, Tortoise, Midwest Product, Japancakes, Fridge, Euphone