My younger co-worker said something recently that caused quite a stir in the office. “John Hughes is totally overrated” or something similar to that. The more seasoned of us — nearly 10 years her senior — couldn’t believe the sentiment. No neophyte directors since have been able to come close to Hughes’ teen-oriented melodramatic comedy and while some of his films are better than others, few directors have created such a timeless tone that has survived the scrutiny of 3 generations. The weird part of the entire thing is that right after she declared Hughe’s irrelevance to an entire age group, she sends me this remix by Cut Copy. Fuck if there isn’t a song out right now (save anything M83 releases) that doesn’t capture the excess of the 80s better than an emotional electro rework of The Mac’s “Never Forget.”

Buried at the very end of 1979’s Tusk, this Christine McVie-penned gem becomes something entirely different in the hands of Cut Copy, something I won’t hesitate in saying is BETTER than the original. It’s simply a hugely epic rework, something that can be played in almost any environment and at any time. The transition from McVie’s guitar/vocal into a keyboard-saturated build up reminiscent of Thomas Bangalter or Fred Falke is just too smooth. My only complaint: it should be about 4 minutes longer. If you don’t feel this, you need to get your pulse checked or find the nearest defibrillator. While it’s posted on the Hype Machine already, it’s simply too good not to post here.

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