It’s not often that bands break up and reunite over a decade later without some kind of clear financial motivation. Sure Polvo have had their share of shows over the last year in some of the biggest festivals around (they killed it at ATP), but after listening to their newest track “Beggars Bowl” — which will  instantly register with fans longing for a sound that has all but disappeared from contemporary rock — their motivation seems more driven by music than mid-life mortgage crises. Did I ever imagine Polvo would channel some kind of Queens of the Stone Age type desert rock? But the message has been receieved loud and clear: “These kids just don’t get it. Let’s show ’em how it’s done.” And let me tell you, if this is any indication of the quality of In Prism (back on Merge; out September 8) your little brother or nephew’s screamo project can expect a good ass-whippin this Fall.