Back in the day — now easily over a decade or so — my old friend Sam and I used to share a kebab over at Crystal, skate around the Sommerset parking lot (badly) and engage in friendly arguments about music. While the doner ingestion (and resultant swamp-ass) and skateboarding have steadily slowed to a halt, we both still shoot the shit over IM about new bands, old bands, etc. I’ve met very few people in my life with as much enthusiasm for music as Sam, and that energy has never been confined to just a handful of genres. Teaming up with Steve Nolan as Allez-Allez, the duo of DJs has made an immediate imprint on the London scene (think a younger version of Optimo’s glorious takeover of Glasgow) and have added “remixers” to their repertoire with a string of stirring recent releases, none better than their remix of “Head Spins” by Brooklyn duo High Places.

To be honest, I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of High Places, but appreciate their kitchen sink psychedelia and Mary Pearson’s lovely voice, both of which remain highlighted within the mix. Pitchfork does a good job of summarizing the track, so I won’t get too deep into specifics but according to Sam, High Places have said its their favorite remix ever done on their behalf and I can clearly understand why. While the minimalism remains a sonic touchstone, Allez-Allez has clearly moved the party from the front room to the dance floor with a deft subtlety that only DJs-cum-remixers tend to bring to indie rock remixes.

RIYL: High Places, The Field, Ricardo Villalobos, Gui Borrato, Markus Guentner