Second recent remix post, but I guess that’s just how it goes when people send you stuff. DJ DRM alerted me to this solid remix from Brooklyn’s Holy Ghost! of another Brooklyn artist, punk-metal warriors Panthers. What may strike you immediately upon clicking on this post are the tags — new disco, electronic/dance, etc. But trust me, the DFA duo give this smoke-stained, barroom blaster a truly proper new Disco rework. And right on the heels of their shit-hot single “Hold On,”it’s an absolute must if you are fan of the sound — think In Flagranti, Lindstrom, Shit Robot, Still Going, etc.

But even if you’re not so keen on Grace Jones repacked for the 21st century, there’s plenty to like about this track. The crescendos are smartly placed, the guitars kick-in at the perfect moment. I mean really, what’s not to like about a remix that is actually a remix. Not just a clouded reconfiguration of pieces but an entirely new song, influenced from and motivated by the original. The energy is different but it makes me happy to think that music has evolved in such a way that it’s perfectly okay to listen to both Holy Ghost! and Panthers in 2008. Go Brooklyn, motherfuckers, go!

RIYL: Lindstrom, In Flagranti, Still Going, Runaway, DiskJokke