Since Jeff and I hit you with a 1-2 punch of electronic music for the Independence Day break, I felt compelled to balance it out with a monster mix of Indie Rock. Our goal is that a large chunk of your music listening over the July 4th break is spent with SK mixes, so please add this one to your playlist.  We’re both pretty confident that you won’t find as varied and curated a series of mixes anywhere else.

The first half of this 90+ minute megamix is all new stuff from the last few months. The second half (when the booze kicked in) is a reminiscent tour back a few decades of some unstoppable classic indie. These are songs I’ve heard 1000 times, but I hope, while these are close to you, you’ve forgotten them a bit and this acts as a pleasant refresher. Being nostalgic and on the eve of my anniversary, how about a big shout out in honor of my friends, who six years ago, spent their time and money to celebrate my wedding in Greece, making that experience a once-in-a-lifetime event.

There’s always some method to listening to SK mixes and this one is no different. Put this thing on about 90n minutes before everyone will be heading to bed. The second half is for the OGs who remain up, the late night soldier with fond memories of the juke boxes in Brownies and Great Lakes. That’s what this mix is aimed to replicate. Hope you enjoy. And as always, please share. Jeff and I do this for the love, but it’s always nice to know other people are feeling it.

This mix is dedicated to the love of my life, my wife Andi, who inspires me every day and, thank god, enjoys the music that I bombard her with on a daily basis. I love you babe.


Daft Punk (feat. Panda Bear) :: Doin’ It Right
Parquet Courts :: Stoned and Starving
Wavves :: Demon to Lean On
Sonny & the Sunsets ::  Dark Corner
Guided By Voices :: Flunky Minnow
Deerhunter :: T.H.M
Small Black :: Limites of Desire
Junip :: So Clear
Kurt Vile :: Air Bud
Grey Reverend :: Everlasting (Radio Edit)
Phoenix :: Entertainment (Dinosaur Jr. Remix)
Appleseed Cast  :: Adriatic to Black Lake


Knapsack :: Cellophane
Spinanes :: Lines and Lines
Archers of Loaf :: Plumb Line
Small 23 :: Off Balance
Superchunk :: Brand New Love
Small Factory :: Keep On Smiling
Oxford Collapse :: Please Visit Your National Parks
Built to Spill :: The Plan”
Dirty On Purpose :: Mind Blindness
The New Folk Implosion :: Brand of Skin
Seam :: Rafael
Modest Mouse :: Teeth Like God’s Shoe Shine


Please download Jeff’s amazing mix as well.