I’m glad that advanced album PR seems to have shifted almost entirely to the digital realm. Sure, I still get the occasional CD or 7″ sent over, but the majority of correspondence has clearly moved toward email. It makes discovery that much easier, when all a prospective writer or blogger need do is follow a link or download a track. Norwegian quart Syme is the most recent band to show up at the end of said digital path, and today’s post “Greenhouse” was the track that caught my attention the most at first listen — even before I learned that it was a remix done by fellow Norwegian Bjorn Torske. A nice, atmospheric indie instrumental, you can be sure it will sit nicely within a playlist designed for getting deep into whatever you spend your workday doing. Unless you operate heavy machinery or work with attack dogs. Then you might be fucked. They will be embarking on a US tour over the next month or so, so try and catch these guys if they come to a locale near you.

Fridge, Tristeza, Mahogany, The Big Sleep, Mogwai