Phone Home

Oct 26th, 2010 Indie, Instrumental steve 2 min read

It’s a real shortcoming of Hallmark as a company, that they don’t offer a “Post-Rock brings families together” greeting card. New York’s Phone Home is the second duo of brothers (the awesome Lymbyc Systym is the other) to channel potential angsty rivalry into beautiful musical alchemy

American Men

Jul 8th, 2010 IDM, Post-Rock steve 2 min read

Jeff sent this EP over and said he was “90% sure” I’d be into it. Fuck, I must be hard to please or something because this is so squarely in my wheel house I can’t imagine why he thought 10% of me wouldn’t be feeling this. American Men are a group of Scotsmen doing instrumental, futurist rock their own way (god I’m watching too much…

ScissorMix 2: Music to Decorate Eggs to

Apr 3rd, 2010 ScissorMix jz 2 min read

Captain Planet, Mux Mool, Tanlines, Washed Out and more.


Aug 20th, 2008 Krautrock, New Disco steve 2 min read

Today’s post is from California’s Samuel Milton Grawe aka Hatchback. But don’t let the literary name throw you off.