When you run a blog as long as I have, you end up stuck in database hell. Interns adding contact emails from the Hype Machine top 100 eventually land on scissorkick, and after nearly 10 years my inbox is cluttered by PR from labels and bands that have probably never downloaded or read about a single track I’ve posted. But it’s cool. I’d probably do the same thing if I were on that side of the fence.

However, what’s really satisfying is when a musician reaches out — someone who is clearly a fan of the blog — and sends music that really works as a post. You can’t imagine the amount of form emails I get everyday from artists that just don’t fit what we have going on here at SK. Again, all a cost of doing non-business.

So it excites me to be able to introduce SK readers to Chants, the solo project of drummer and producer Jordan Cohen. “Day Glow” opens with the type of emotional bombast that’s hard to ignore then ebbs back into a patient reticence. There’s a lot of sonic touchstones here, in parts, but after listening to a handful of tracks from his new LP Onlooker and looking at this track as a whole — with it’s surprise leftfield Drum & Bass maelstrom — it’s clear his influences run the gamut, much like his contemporaries (and friends) in SK favorite’s Cougar. And if you end up enjoying this track, don’t thank me, thank Jordan for personally reaching out to SK. Unfortunately now I have to pay closer attention to all those emails in hopes I don’t miss anything else this solid.

Onlooker is currently not out yet, but follow @scissorkickblog on Twitter for word when it drops.

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