New offering from Ghostly recording artist Christopher Willits just found it’s way into my inbox. Perfect summertime electro-acoustic jams from the very talented experimental guitarist/producer/software developer/mippie (that’s musical hippie, meant as a good thing) who we’ve covered before here on SK. Densely layered and expectantly complex, “Sun Body” is perhaps one of Willit’s most accessible tracks he’s ever released. Considering his humbling body of challenging work and his many venerable collaborators (Sakamoto, Matmos, and Taylor Deupree to name a few) you may be caught off-guard by a shimmering, meditative peppiness. This is the San Francisco sound reborn; a meditative, swirling aurora of good intention and even greater execution.

RIYL: Howard Hello, Flössin, Four Tet, Telefon Tel Aviv, Taku Sugimoto