Big apologies for not posting but the day job is getting the best of me right now. But good shit has been piling up and I have a large stack of some incredible music, first and foremost some new stuff from one of our favorites Joe Beats (aka Joey Beats), of Non-Prophets fame and currently associated with Cunninlynguists. Aaron was kind enough to remind me that Joe Beats has a new record out on Bully and I haven’t really thought about the guy since his amazing Indie Rock Blues LP. If you haven’t heard that and you are a fan of both solid indie rock and Shadow-esque breakbeats, there is simply nothing better. I would argue it is the benchmark for an indie rock/breaks remix record.

Joe’s newest, Diverse Recourse is another slab of much-needed quality beat mastery. I feel like I’ve hit a stretch recently of just listening to rock. You know, it happens. But Joe snapped me out of my haze with a record that transcends the formulaic and often simple dependancy on loops in instrumental hip-hop tracks. He mixes samples, classic break beats, and a clearly refined songwriting sensibility more akin to early DJ Shadow to craft a record that can be listened to. Sure it has it’s background utility, but for beatheads looking to get deep, a good pair of headphones and the right environment will start the journey for certain.

RIYL: DJ Shadow, DJ Zeph, Nicolay, Presto, Thes One, Dangermouse, NOW