Originally this mix had more of a summer vibe: a crowd-friendly mix of soul, reggae, funk, hip-hop, pop, etc. I spent the time, made that mix and decided that I didn’t like it. And more importantly, I didn’t feel like figuring out how to fix it. So I scrapped it and did something different.

This mix is the “something different”. It jumps around a bunch of different electronic styles and is 100% instrumental (unless you get picky and consider the drastically effect-laden Darkstar voices to count as vocals…which I don’t.) It’s got a laid back vibe that even gets a bit melancholy at times but it will consistently keep your head bobbing. There’s some standard East Coast boom bap beats, West Coast new school style, British stepper-based tracks, post-funk remixes and a few older favorites thrown in there to round it out. All of it grooves deeply while keeping it heavy on the textures and melody.

To me, each one of these artists are pushing the boundaries of their respective genres and creating some incredibly engaging and intelligent music. I encourage you to dig into each of their catalogs as they’re all putting out some seriously great shit that shouldn’t be overlooked. Strap on the headphones and check it out.

1. Seefeel :: Crowded (0:00)
2. Loops Haunt :: Joplin (4:20)
3. Ital Tek :: Crush Horizon (6:15)
4. Free the Robots :: Turbulence (9:15)
5. Calvin Harris :: Certified (11:03)
6. Darkstar :: Need You (14:39)
7. Slugabed :: sgdg (17::34)
8. Om Unit :: Light Grids (21:31)
9. Exile :: Your Summer Song (23:22)
10. Solar Bears :: Crystalline (Letherette Remix) (25:52)
11. Mux Mool :: Wolf Tone Symphony (Paul White Remix) (28:12)
12. Take :: Begin End Begin (30:58)
13. Copy :: Real Scared (34:29)
14. Dabrye :: Evelyn (37:36)
15. Dam Funk :: Come On Outside (Devonwho instrumental re-edit) (41:28)
16. Ad Bourke :: Solar Commuter (44:53)
17. Lazer Sword :: TAR (47:59)
18. Architeq :: Birds Of Prey (Debruit Remix) (51:41)
19. Gegenheimer :: Mystical Crossings (55:21)