Another holiday weekend means another installment of the ScissorMix series. It’s been pretty crazy for me over the past month (hence the lack of posts) but I had to find the time to put together something for the 4th of July weekend.

Because of the general business of the past month, I haven’t had a huge amount of time search out new music. That’s not to say that this is going to be filled with old, stale tracks. There’s still plenty of great stuff from Bastard Jazz, Woodsist, NYC Trust, and 4AD on here (among others) as well as a bunch of older tunes that I had a hankering to hear again. Leading off with classic Sugar Minott and finishing up with my favorite Jay Reatard track basically sums up the ground that’s been covered on this one.

Time is short and I’m getting ready to jet outta town for the weekend, so I’ll keep it brief:
May your beer be cold, your dogs hot, and your fingers not blown off.

1. Sugar Minott :: Oh Mr. DC (0:00)
2. Marcia Griffiths :: Feel Like Jumping (3:12)
3. Johnny Clarke :: Ites Green and Gold (6:41)
4. Don Carlos :: Nice Time (10:06)
5. Tapper Zukie :: Raggy Joey Boy (13:36)
6. Lone Ranger :: Every Little Thing She Want (20:16)
7. Mr. Scruff & Quantic :: It’s Dancing Time (24:03)
8. On Yer Feet :: Captain Planet
9. DJ Center :: Center’s Groove (Captain Planet Remix) (31:00)
10. Midnight Lab Band :: Moonwalking (33:52)
11. Mos Def :: Vampire Booty (Mos Dub Version) (37:58)
12. Atmosphere :: Free or Dead (42:25)
13. B.Cause :: In the Sea (46:57)
14. Show Me :: Mint Royale feat. Pos (49:23)
15. Bush Babies :: Remember We (51:39)
16. Dizzee Rascal :: Dance Wit Me (Calvin Harris Remix) (60:28)
17. Souleance :: Chemise (58:52)
18. The Stranglers :: Peaches (62:39)
19. Fresh & Onlys :: Vanishing Cream (66:41)
20. Woods :: Suffering Season (68:36)
21. InnerSpeaker :: Tame Impala (71:32)
22. Bright Lit Blue Skies :: Ariel Pink (74:26)
23. Jay Reatard :: I know a Place (76:45)