Here’s a new installment of the Scissormix series out just in time for the holidays. This mix lives solidly in the realm of downtempo. So it’s perfect to throw on after a long day of shopping/family/work and whatever other stresses come your way this holiday season.

A pretty decent mix of new and old on this one. I’ve spent a lot of time on and discovered a boatload of new music. It’s also inspired me to dig through the archives and pull out old gems from the past. And I noticed that there’s some a couple tracks that I unconsciously jacked from the fantastic O N E S U N mix. But they’re definitely good enough to hear again.

I won’t go through all of these as I’ve listed the tracklist below. But remember to keep supporting independent artists and labels when you’re picking up your gifts this holiday season.

And I also want to drop a quick “thanks” to all the people who check out the site and mixes. Have a bangin’ holiday, New Year and all that!

1. The Frantics :: Werewolf (0:00)
2. Onra :: Ms. Ho  (1:55)
3. Printempo :: Sono di Monte Carlo (3:40)
4. Tall Black Guy :: Water No Enemy (6:06)
5. Kashmere Stage Band :: Ain’t No Sunshine (J Rocc Remix) (8:09)
6. FUR :: Friends (Letherette Remix) (12:21)
7. Martyn / Mike Slott :: Pointing Fingers (15:38)
8. Michna :: Real Hero (18:18)
9. Mux Mool :: Palace Chalice (20:58)
10. Sina :: From Love to Lust (Kelpe Remix) (24:29)
11. Mr. Beatnick feat. Ahu :: I Know All the Bitches (Bullion Remix) (28:09)
12. O-D :: Be Still  (32:11)
13. Plastiq Phantom :: 492 Cups to China (Nautilis Remix) (34:20)
14. Damu the Fudgemunk :: All Green (37:51)
15. Pools :: The Oak (42:05)
16. Dam Mantle :: Rebong (45:15)
17. Kenny Dope :: Get on Down (48:54)
18. Sound Defects :: Take Out (51:38)
19. Freddie Joachim :: Whispers (56:15)