Note from the Editor:
Jeff Zemetis (DJJZ) has been a friend and coworker for nearly 8 years. Like a lot of friends, we solidified over a mutual love of music. His tastes are wildly eclectic — from old New England Hardcore and grimey UK Dubstep to twee indie pop and Doo-wop (yes, Doo-wop) — so I can’t imagine a better person to start off this special SK Mix series. Although this mix is made up of electronic instrumentals, look for more ecclectic stuff from DJJZ posted soon as I try and coax him to put up his excellent seasonal mixes.

From DJJZ:

Introductions are never easy for me, especially when I have to introduce myself. So, since this is my inaugural post, Steve thought I should start things off with a mix that I put together. All of these tracks have been on heavy rotation on my playlists as of late but because it was made independently of the most recent ScissorKast, a couple of the tracks may sound familiar. But before you click the “back” button in disgust, let me assure you that there’s plenty of new and interesting music on here to enjoy.

I’ve labeled this as a ScissorMix to help differentiate it from the previous ScissorKasts. They’re essentially the same thing but this ScissorMix won’t offer any informative commentary; It’s just wall-to-wall tracks for about 60 min or so. I tried to cover a lot of ground on this one so it liberally hops from genre to genre. But there are plenty of peaks and valleys so it should keep you on your toes. And hopefully it serves as a sufficient introduction to my musical tastes. At the very least, it’ll do better than any stack of self-descriptive adjectives that I would throw together possibly could.

01. Mylo :: Macrobiotic (0:00)
02. Tom Tyler :: The Crippled Diode (3:20)
03. The Time and Space Machine :: You Are the One (8:15)
04. The Emperor Machine :: Non-functioning Apeman (12:55)
05. Nacho Patrol :: African Space Program (16:00)
06. Debruit :: Nigeria What? (19:40)
07. Mike Slott :: 40 Winx (23:23)
08. Darkstar :: Aidy’s Girl is a Computer (25:45)
09. Four Tet :: Sing (30:25)
10. Falty DL :: To London (35:36)
11. Bullion :: Get Familiar (39:40)
12. Mux Mool :: Eagle Fantasies (42:10)
13. Mount Kimbie :: Sketch on Glass (44:50)
14. Ooah :: Lelly (49:11)
15. Humanleft :: Le Clap Trap (53:23)
16. Joker :: Digidesign (Om Unit Remix) (57:17)
17.Jay Wikid :: Bugs (1:00:50)