…And just in time for the upcoming NYC heat wave, it’s a new installment of the ScissorMix series designed to make you get up and move!

I wanted to get this out in time for The 4th of July but there’s a new tiny person in my life and, as a result, some of my priorities have been shifted. And it turns out that messing around with a mixtape is not considered an essential fatherly duty.

But better late than never, right? This mix is pretty much all hip hop, reggae, soul edits, afrofunk and other goodness that sounds great coming out of a boombox. Lots of familiar tracks in new packaging. It’s the soundtrack to the BBQ I haven’t had a chance to attend. So get out there, cook some meats, drink some beers, and pump these tunes for me.

1. Guts :: Didn’t I Cover (0:00)
2. Marvin Gaye :: Sunny (Mercury Edit II) (2:37)
3. Luke Vibert :: Combination Reggae Dancing (7:44)
4. Oscar Sulley :: Olufeme (Natural Self Remix) (10:17)
5. De La Soul :: Itsoweezee (Fela Soul Remix) (14:58)
6. The Expert :: What’s Going On Today (18:10)
7. Marvin Gaye :: Ain’t That Peculiar (Oddisee Remix) (20:51)
8. Suff Daddy :: Dilemma (24:03)
9. Mos Def :: In My Math (Mos Dub Remix) (26:01)
10. E.D.G.E :: Mathematics (29:38)
11. Raw Stiles :: Kush (Revolution Interlude) (32:05)
12. Young Montana? :: Sacre Cool (33:16)
13. Breakbot :: Baby I’m Yours (feat. IRFANE) (36:06)
14. Usje Sukatma :: Waiting for Your Love (39:28)
15. Ogyatanaa Showband :: Disco Africa (43:45)
16. Ghostface Killa :: Funky Criminology (GhostFunk Remix) 47:42)
17. Ikebe Shakedown :: No Answer (50:17)
18. Hollie Cook :: Milk & Honey Dub (54:17)