Here’s something I’ve been sitting on for a long time. The source folder for these files is labeled “Easter Mix Selects”…and even back then I thought it had been to long to get around to posting a mix.

Anyway, here’s a selection of tracks that I’ve been listening to over the past couple of months. It’s sort of all over the place. But hopefully it’s all over the place in a good way. Something for everyone on this: classic rock, breaks, house, soul, psych, disco, and plenty of stuff in between. Some old favorites of mine on here but definitely some new ones, too. Hope you enjoy the variety on this one.

Mustafa Ozkent Orchestra :: Burcak (0:00)
Souleance :: Amourette (3:00)
Kelpe :: Chocolate Money (6:03)
1000 Names :: Before Sunrise (9:40)
Rare Earth :: I’m Losing You (12:09)
Tandy Love :: Vachina-Vabham (15:38)
Bullion :: Magic Was Ruler (17:06)
Games :: Strawberry Skies (19:39)
Girl Unit :: Wut (22:38)
Jamie Woon :: Lady Luck (dEbruit Sauve Mix) (26:50)
YACHT :: Dystopia (29:58)
Ilya Santana :: Iron Horse (33:50)
Vagrants :: Beside the Sea (39:06)
Bing Ji Ling :: Bye Bye (41:19)
Gary O’Shannon Group :: All We Need is Time (44:54)
Mophono :: Cut From Control (48:06)
Man Man :: Shameless (49:42)
Alice Cooper :: Second Coming (52:08)
The Beets :: Hens and Roosters (55:03)
Ducktails :: Don’t Make Plans (57:27)