Well, this mix has sat on the shelf for a while. I originally made it for Memorial Day, with a fun-loving summertime vibe (hence the amazingly catchy Cee-Lo track, which was just blowing up on YouTube at the time). But I decided on a more instrumental mix, so this one was left unfinished and collected dust on my hard drive.

NYC Trust’s Greenwood Rhythm Coalition starts it off with a fantastic, super-versatile Cumbia groove which leads nicely into a bunch of soul-based tracks. And the first half peaks nicely with Mike 2600’s huge break (which is great track to top off Cee-Lo’s monster and impressively ramps the energy level up even higher).

The second half of the mix takes a bit of a more mellow turn and it’s a place where I threw in a bunch of my favorite tracks of 2010. Kelpe is amazing as always and I think “Margins” takes him to another level. Clive Tanaka produces innovative lo-fi electronic tracks. His album only had a cassette release so I think it got overlooked this year. I hear it’s getting a proper vinyl release in January so hopefully it’ll get more recognition as it surely deserves it.

DJ DRM’s Balearic remix is a departure from the sounds we’re used to hearing from the head honcho over at Bastard Jazz. But he shows off his range with a spaced-out cut that begs to be played while lounging poolside. And I closed it out with a long-time favorite of mine, Birdie Hilltop. I can’t say I’m a fan of the whole folk/singer-songwriter genre but all I know is that everything he lays down is gold.

Anyway, if I didn’t mention any of the artists on here it’s not because they don’t deserve it. It’s because it’s a lot more interesting to listen to the tracks than to bother reading what I have to say about them.

So I hope you enjoy the mix. And, once again, if you like any of the artists on here, please check out more of their material. I guarantee it’s worth your time.


1. Greenwood Rhythm Coalition :: Cumbia Kikuchi (0:00)
2. Ebo Taylor :: Victory (Instrumental) (3:02)
3. Budos Band :: Rite of the Ancients (6:22)
4. Cee Lo :: Fuck You (9:54)
5. Mike 2600 :: Now Here’s A Funky Beat (13:33)
6. Bottin :: Fly Like a Beagle (15:59)
7. Claude VonStroke :: The Greasy Beat ft. Bootsy Collins (Natural Funk Mix) (20:07)
8. Collie Buddz :: Come Around (21:26)
9. Major Lazer :: Good Enough Ft Collie Buddz & Lindi Ortega (24:58)
10. Kelpe :: Margins (27:15)
11. Clive Tanaka :: Neu Chicago (30:44)
12. Tal M Klein :: Without Her featuring Curtis Ruptash (DJ DRM Remix) (34:37)
13. Beachy Head :: Mechanical Me (Bonobo Mix) (39:56)
14. Solar Bears :: Trans Waterfall (43:46)
15. Birdie Hilltop :: Summer (47:31)