ScissorMix 6: Tasty Leftovers

Dec 22nd, 2010 ScissorMix jz 2 min read

Ebo Taylor, Bottin, Greenwood Rhythm Coalition and more.


Mar 11th, 2010 Electronic/Dance, Folk/Acoustic steve 1 min read

It’s been over 2 years since I posted something about Tunng, increasingly becoming one of my favorite bands on the planet. The combination of earnest, speculative front-porch folk and organic, digestible electronics has unfortunately led to the “folktronica” tag, but really, looking past labels what you get on their newest record (stateside on Thrill Jockey/ Full-Time Hobby in UK) is just solid music. Today’s post…

Kaki King

Mar 14th, 2008 Folk/Acoustic, Indie, Rock steve 2 min read

Really surprised and delighted by the newest record from guitarist Kaki King. Not being so in touch with the singer/songwriter set, I’m generally reliant on someone more knowledgeable to fill me in. To be honest, one of the few reasons I even gave this album a listen was because one of her older records (she has four including her newest, Dreaming of Revenge) showed up…

Mike B: The Invisible Man

Nov 14th, 2007 Live Event steve 1 min read

Back in the early days of Scissorkick, we posted a short video showing the guitar/beatbox/singing exploits of our friend Mike B, The Invisible Man.

Grey Reverend

Oct 1st, 2007 Live Event steve 2 min read

Last Wednesday, at Webster Hall, The Cinematic Orchestra added to their reputation as consummate performers with another flawless set of new and old tunes, expertly executed and passionately played.

The Cinematic Orchestra

Apr 30th, 2007 Downtempo, Soul steve 2 min read

Big week of new music in store. Advanced apologies as the job has gotten the best of me over the last few weeks. But in that time I’ve received a superfluity of sickness, some truly unreal gems, with the biggest, baddest and most exciting the newest record from The Cinematic Orchestra, Ma Fleur, which is scheduled to land stateside over the summer. Longtime readers know…


Nov 22nd, 2006 Electronic/Dance, Instrumental, Rock steve 2 min read

SK Best of 2006 alert! Yesterday was a good day because of the arrival of this record, which immediately jumps to the head of the holiday listening line. If you are a fan of this site, then you like the mix of acoustic and electronic and no record released this year does it as well as Law by Madison, Wisconsin’s Cougar. These dudes are on…

Zero 7 w/ Jose Gonzalez

Aug 22nd, 2006 Downtempo, Soul steve 2 min read

When I first heard Zero 7’s now-classic EP 2 in March, 2000, little did I know that nearly 6 months later, after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, that I’d revisit the record with much more necessity, using it to buffer a lot of what was happening in the world around Brooklyn. The mood was as you could expect it then — tense, frightening, nervous, melancholy…