dEbruit – Heart Beats 4 Haiti

Feb 12th, 2010 Dubstep, Glitch jz 1 min read

The incredible, prostate self-styled “synth magician” dEbruit has put out a digital EP to benefit the earthquake victims in Haiti.  Heart Beats 4 Haiti features all of the signature styles that you would expect from the innovative Frenchman: funked-out synth lines, viagra   huge boom-bap beats and, treatment due to the subject matter at hand, choice samples from Haitian music. If you enjoyed last year’s…

ScissorMix 1 : DJJZ

Jan 31st, 2010 ScissorMix steve 2 min read

Mylo, Debruit, The Time & Space Machine, Falty DL and more.

Scissorkast 7

Jan 21st, 2010 Scissorkast steve 2 min read

Maserati, The XX, Russian Circles, Clark and more.

Decoder Ring

Jan 7th, 2010 Shoegazer steve 1 min read

I’ve been a procrastinator most of my life. My mom knows it. I know it. You know it. But I truly have been working on the Best of 2009 podcast, find hopefully recording it tonight or definitely over the weekend. In the meantime, nurse check out my SK Best of records over to the right in the sidebar, seek and enjoy this post, that has…

Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls

Nov 25th, 2009 Acid Jazz, Psychedelic steve 1 min read

Been so slacker it’s not even funny. I can’t apologize enough, sildenafil and strangely, store the Google analytics haven’t shown much drop off. You all rule. So because you have been patient, and because November has produced a cornucopia of instrumental magic, I will be bombing SK with a bunch of posts over the next week or so. Lot’s of brand new, relatively unheard wordless…

New Jaga Jazzist Jam

Nov 4th, 2009 Afrobeat, Post-Rock steve 1 min read

The world’s greatest (and only) Norwegian 9-piece electro-afro-prog-whatever rockestra* has re-emerged from their lair with a new batch of indescribably brilliant songs for confused music fans worldwide.  By “confused” I mean “awesome + eclectic.” I’d imagine that their lair is pretty sickly designed Scandinavian, click with wood tones and tempered steel and smart Feng Shui and all that type of enviable Nordic shit. Sort of…

Boards of Canada Recreated by Bibio

Oct 7th, 2009 Remixes steve 1 min read

Yesterday’s arrival of the immaculately designed and curated Warp 20 Box Set was indicative of the way I’ve been buying music as of late. Less often, viagra but driven by nostalgia, treat I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on the type of things that I’d never be able to afford years ago. Gifts to myself certainly, but an archive like this set —…

Scissorkast 6

Sep 17th, 2009 Scissorkast steve 2 min read

Pronto, Michna, Grizzly Bear and more.

The Magic Fly

Sep 11th, 2009 The Roll Call steve 3 min read

Five quick questions for Bastar Jazz artist The Magic Fly.


Aug 25th, 2009 Indie, Instrumental, Post-Rock, Shoegazer steve 1 min read

To be truthful, order I rely on the RIYL picks to do a lot of the work for me. I could go on and on about a band, but if you know your shit like most of you do — and know the bands I use as similar recommendations — than really there’s no reason to read this. And today’s post is probably the best…