Although I don’t post too much dub or reggae, today’s post ventures into that much hallowed territory without the least bit of confidence or expertise. Take it from me, if there’s an SK post on the topic, you can guarantee that it’s of the re-edit/mashup variety. The Paris Duo Loo & Placido (Thanks Andre! Fatcity mis-posted. This is not by J*Star) drops this mysterious white label on us and I mistakenly posted this as a J*Star track. My mistake. As this is my first introduction to the Loo & Placido catalog, I am admittedly new to these dudes but given the quality of their fantastic rework of the classic Beatles tune “Eleanor Rigby” — and their catalog of hundreds of mash-ups — I expect to spend a lot of time tracking down their wax. The B-Side is a sweet dub of The Fugees “Fugee-la” If anyone out there who is familiar with these guys can recommend other sparkling remixes/mashups/re-edits, I am all ears!

RIYL (per the dubwise DJ DRM): J*Star, Romanowski, Punchline Records, Winston Riley, Easy Star All-Stars, Ticklah, Chronic Sonata

READ: Loo & Placido’s homepage; Loo & Placido’s MySpace

BUY: Get the vinyl at Fat City