I could be breaking some unspoken rule of music blogging by posting 2 projects by the same musician so close together. But then again — as you can tell by my recent disappearance from regular posting — the regular rules have never applied to SK.

A.M. Architect is another project from Diego Chavez (Aether), together with Daniel Stanush, building on a foundation of guitar and keys over smartly produced beats. The most immediate sonic comparison is clearly The Album Leaf, but the beats here possess more of an edge, ocassionally touching on some propulsive BPMs. The melodic sensibility on their debut LP “The Road to the Sun” is one of it’s biggest assets with track after track of densely layered ambience. It’s cinematic, sure, but like similar instrumental stuff, the tracks have enough heft and craft to hold up on their own. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you’re 100 miles deep into a 400-mile Midwest road trip, lightning lighting up the horizon, the wind starting to rustle the trees lining the road.

RIYL: The Album Leaf, Telefon Tel Aviv, Hammock, Morr Music, Tortoise