I can’t say that I’ve been a huge fan of the “acoustic pop/folk” thing as it always seems to remind me of the James Blunt/John Meyer frenzy over the last decade or so. Of course, we can go way before that for generations of solid folk music, but often, when that lone troubadour is paired up with a backing band, the result comes perilously close to saccharine overproduction and cheese.

Not so with today’s post. Give it a few moments and you’ll realize the breathtaking marriage of Ninja Tune artists Fink (Finian Greenhall,) and Cinematic Orchestra is a pairing meant to be. Just like their recent collaboration with Grey Reverend, this reworking of a song by Fink reminds almost immediately of Jeff Buckley, an artist I’ve learn to admire as I get on in years. I was listening to this up in the mountains and it just seemed to fit really nicely. Load up the iPod and add this to your trip playlist.

RIYL: Jeff Buckley, Grey Reverend, Jose Gonzalez, Alice Smith